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The  OpenFOAM® Journal aims at publishing works related to the OpenFOAM® computational library, with focus on the benefit for the OpenFOAM® community, is free to publish and open-access. Each publication has an associated discussion forum, to increase the interaction between the readers and the authors, and the overall impact of the contributions.

The journal has a strong focus on reproducibility. Authors are required to present their results in a reproducible form, preferably by sharing codes and case setups used to generate their results, or alternatively by describing numerical settings, solver modifications, etc., in a sufficient level of detail.


New Volume and Supporters


The 2023 Volume of the OpenFOAM Journal was recently launched as the 3rd volume since the beginning of this project. The journal has already had 16 papers published, covering the major OpenFOAM distributions and following the keystones established at the beginning, of benefit to the OpenFOAM community and reproducibility of the results. You can check out the newest publications here.

We acknowledge Gompute and upstream CFD, who are sponsoring the OpenFOAM Journal for the third year, and the support from the OpenFOAM Governance since the beginning of the project.

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Current Issue

Vol. 3: OpenFOAM® Journal 2023
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The 3rd volume is now open for submissions and will contain all the papers accepted for publication during 2023.

Published: 2023-01-01

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