More on the two main points of the OpenFOAM® Journal - Reproducibility


In case of validation and verification (V&V) articles, the case setup files are expected to be supplied along with detailed information about the OpenFOAM® version used to obtain the presented results (and preferably also pre- and post-processing scripts for comparison with experiments). 

Experimental data can also be supplied to V&V articles; however, authors must make sure they have the rights to publish the experimental results. In case experimental data cannot be published as separate files, authors may also choose to provide the results within the manuscript.

In case of a confidential V&V geometry/cases, authors can submit result in their manuscript without providing the geometry and/or the case setup. However, in this case at least one additional corresponding and non-confidential "open case" (simplified) has to be submitted as an auxiliary case with the geometry, mesh and case setup files for reproducibility purposes. This way authors can describe as many confidential cases as they prefer in the manuscript with the addition of at least one "open case".

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